Offline ITAA Membership Forms

If you prefer not to use our online membership account system to join as a new ITAA member or to renew your current ITAA membership, you can join or renew by regular mail or e-mail.  Simply download the appropriate Membership Application form below, complete all required information, and return it with your dues payment. (Student members must also submit a completed Student/Trainee Status Verification Form each year.)    

Please note that you may qualify for the ITAA TAlent program for reduced membership dues, created to make membership accessible to everyone, with membership dues adjusted for economic conditions in different countries around the world.  Check the lists below to see if your country of residence qualifies.  (If your country of residence is not listed, please use the standard form as shown above.)  We also suggest that even if you are eligible and are able to pay the full dues amount, you will help to make ITAA membership accessible to more members in your country.  Either way, please download the appropriate form below, complete all required information, and return it with your dues payment.

Click here for the list of TAlent Countries

FOR NEW MEMBERS: An additional form we must have from you is the "Consent to Electronic Communications” form. We must have this form on file before we can communicate with you by email or allow you to vote electronically. Without it, you will miss out on many of the benefits of membership, including access to the TAJ, monthly emails about the upcoming Script newsletter, and invitiations to ITAA events such as webinars, workshops, and the Annual General Membership Meeting. This form will be sent to you with the Welcome Member Packet, but if you are keen to start taking advantage of your benefits as soon as possible, feel free to send it in with your membership form now. You can download the form here.

Download REGULAR
membership form.pdf
Download TAlent 1
membership form.pdf
Download TAlent 2
membership form.pdf